ManTech has been proud to support the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program since its inception. Over the past eight years, the Program has grown, adjusted and adapted to meet the evolving cybersecurity needs of the federal government, which is precisely what it was designed to do.

Recently, I joined Kevin Cox, DHS’ Program Manager for the CDM Program, on a panel for the Billington Cybersecurity Summit to discuss the future of CDM. In addition to looking at the role CDM plays in helping to fortify federal agencies’ networks, we also talked about how the Program has adapted to meet agency needs by gaining better visibility into the cybersecurity needs of agencies with an increasing telework-centric workforce.

Dan Smith

To effectively address increased cybersecurity needs with the rise in remote work, mobile security and endpoint security must become priorities to protect agencies and their data from increasing cyber threats. At the same time, government and industry will need to gain a stronger understanding of the accelerated adoption of cloud computing on overall cybersecurity strategies, especially as government makes the shift to a Zero Trust environment.

This shift requires everyone - the government, industry and vendors - to develop a common understanding of how our IT environments need to look in the future. Data protection management, encryption and data rights management are just some of the critical components that must be assessed.

The move toward Zero Trust and data protection is the natural evolution of cybersecurity and we must be able to adapt and protect government networks in this constantly changing cyber landscape.

I’m confident that the CDM team at ManTech is equipped for that job. We’ve made substantial investments in equipping our workforce for tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges – including providing free cybersecurity Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs through our partnership with Purdue University Global.

Today, we are continually testing, deploying and upgrading the tools and capabilities needed to ensure maximum efficacy, further fortifying our nation’s cyber infrastructure.

Just as ManTech’s CDM experts are rising to meet the challenges of new priorities, we continue to meet the needs of on-going needs, like the CDM Program’s Data Quality Initiative, where the “rubber meets the road” on aggregating accurate and reliable information about agency security postures for the Federal Dashboard.    

ManTech is proud to be part of our nation’s solution for cybersecurity. We look forward to continuing to work with our government clients to meet their needs head-on, proactively addressing, adapting and building solutions for a more secure digital environment.

- Dan Smith serves as ManTech's Vice President, Homeland Security Division

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