ManTech Overview

“Space is simultaneously a powerful enabler for the U.S. military…and a critical vulnerability”*

Space itself is only part of the challenge.  Equally important are ground facilities and secured network communications and infrastructure that must be protected from electronic, cyber and other attacks.

ManTech provides this security end-to-end to support U.S. military and intelligence community missions. Our space resiliency work protects vital data and intelligence. We have the capabilities you’re looking for in systems engineering, design, full-spectrum cyber and platform security. We have proof points and testimonials from the world’s most demanding and important customers to validate it.

At Space Symposium, join ManTech for an in-depth look at what sets us apart in supporting current and future trends in space:

  • The growing need for cross-domain solutions as the U.S. evolves to a Space Force

  • Strategies, CONOPS, P2 for self protection and stand-off effects

  • High-fidelity modeling, simulation and analysis of new systems

  • Multilevel security environments with common operational display

  • Transformation of existing architectures and processes to future needs


Join us Mar. 30 - April 2 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. To learn more, visit


Media Inquiries: Contact Jim Crawford -- (571) 446-7550 or [email protected] 


*Space Threat Assessment 2018, Center for Strategic and International Studies.


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