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Building Capacity & Careers Through Learning & Development

Purdue University

ManTech remains committed to the professional development of our workforce in our key business areas of Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT, as well as with our financial, business and administrative operations teams. Through a mix of education options ranging from 20-minute online courses to complete degree programs, we continue to bring new learning opportunities to our evolving workforce.

Partnerships with Purdue University Global and Skillsoft provide employees with opportunities to pursue both long and short-term educational goals through formal degree programs and high-quality online training. Instructor-led training and boot camps with ManTech University vendor partners provide other ways to achieve learning objectives.



Purdue University

Purdue University Global
Through an education alliance with Purdue University Global, employees of ManTech have access to a variety of different degree plans to further their goals. Depending on the program chosen, you may be eligible for ManTech’s traditional tuition reimbursement program or our unique Purdue University Global Advantage Tuition Grant. The Purdue University Global Advantage (PGA) Tuition Grant helps employees eliminate up-front fees, minimize expenses, and earn either a bachelor’s or master’s degree online with 100% tuition covered. The PGA Tuition Grant, in combination with ManTech’s employee tuition assistance benefit, is designed to cover the difference between eligible ManTech employee tuition assistance (maximum $5,250.00 per annum) and the tuition cost of select Purdue University Global online undergraduate or graduate degrees. Once the tuition assistance benefit has been maximized, the Advantage Tuition Grant will kick in to cover any remaining costs. The Advantage Tuition Grant covers the cost of deposit, tuition, nonprogrammatic fees, and books (undergrad only) to cover the difference between eligible ManTech employee tuition assistance and the cost of completion of a Purdue University Global degree.

Through the PGA Tuition Grant, employees also may work to earn the coveted Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification or the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications online with 100 percent of the tuition covered. In addition, CISSP and CEH preparation cohorts are applicable for college credit. These programs are a departure from the traditional boot camp method of certification preparation, and are a rigorous academic treatment of content with homework and writing assignments, discussion posts, learning assessments and projects that require study time and research.

Purdue Skillsoft


No cost to employees. ManTech pays tuition and fees through direct-bill.

College credit earned for certifications obtained and select Skillsoft training.

Military and professional experience applied toward college credit.

Previous college credits applicable to degree programs.




Skillsoft, our online training platform, provides thousands of learning assets in varied formats, such as labs, videos, skill briefs, test prep, books and even access to mentors. The assets incorporate industry-leading curriculum for skills and certifications in these areas: developer, systems administration, DevOps, databases, big data, cloud computing and virtualization, networking and cybersecurity technologies. There are test-preparation resources for in-demand certifications such as Security+, CISSP, PMP, and AWS – just to name a few. Skillsoft puts learning and career development in the hands of employees. There is no charge to employees or contracts, and no approvals needed for training. Employees can engage at their own pace based on their professional development goals. Materials are available 24/7 via personal computer and an easy-to-use mobile app, allowing employees to learn on-the-go from anywhere at any time.

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