By K.C. Smoyer, Program Manager, Zero Trust, Defense Agencies Portfolio

Threats continue to be prevalent throughout Cyberspace, impacting government agencies, critical infrastructure and private entities on a daily basis. Understanding this reality, ManTech was a leader in developing our Zero Trust strategy and deploying the resulting architecture across our enterprise. Our approach validates all access attempts regardless of where they initiate, seamlessly and across a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Our architecture also enables operationalization of our telemetry data to identify threats whether they be adversary or insider threat, providing the visibility required to remain defensible and resilient. 

KC Smoyer
KC Smoyer, Program Manager, Zero Trust

ManTech’s Zero Trust approach is in place for one of the largest and most important customers in the United States: the Department of Defense, where our Zero Trust Architecture supports the DoD’s cloud-based Zero Trust Government Laboratory or “Gov Lab.” This facility is the first government capability to test Zero Trust solutions for all agencies that report to the DoD. The Zero Trust GovLab applies ManTech’s successful experience in developing the DoD’s Zero Trust Reference Architecture, including the model designed for and now used by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

ManTech worked with DISA to write and design the approved architecture for government agencies’ cloud and multi-cloud environments. ManTech’s Zero Trust Architecture is designed to improve the enterprise security posture as agencies undergo digital transformation and cloud migration.

Through a self-paced, phased implementation, we are helping enterprise owners reach Zero Trust maturity with managed risk and a controlled time investment. The ManTech DISA Zero Trust Team uses NIST 800-53 controls that map to the pillars of Zero Trust.

Working with stakeholders, use cases will be developed and built out in the DoD’s Impact Level 4 (IL4) accredited cloud lab. Using various automation tools to assess Zero Trust capability use cases, heat maps can be generated to demonstrate a capability’s strengths and weaknesses.

To be the most trusted partner of government, ManTech takes a “proven here first approach” in delivering on our customers’ most pressing missions. In the case of Zero Trust Architecture expertise and insight, ManTech proved and deployed its Zero Trust throughout ManTech, and today it is used to deliver top-level security of networks and infrastructure used by more than 14,000 employees, customers, partners and subcontractors.