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Case Study - Building a Predictive Analytics and Modeling Platform to Fight Infectious Disease


ManTech is working with the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) to create a predictive intelligence and dynamic modeling platform. The objective is to simulate scenarios that are epidemiologically similar to COVID-19. As part of NMCPHC’s Population Health mission, we combine tools, people, and technology to ensure key senior leaders have the information they need to make rapid-response decisions.


ManTech built a Public Cloud Sandbox for collaboration within a secured (FEDRAMP High, DoD IL5) unclassified environment. The Sandbox houses and contains tools and processes for NMCPHC to request and receive feedback from the use of these tools informed by multi-disciplinary team of SMEs. Our team included a network of worldwide leaders who have served distinguished careers in their fields. As a result of our work, NMCPHC has the ability to access COVID-19 resources for developing and licensing deep mathematical and machine learning algorithms to build AI systems in a short amount of time.


The ManTech platform provides a view into the detection of COVID-19 spread and distribution data and facilitates the use of custom models for sophisticated analytics purposes. The platform is scalable for large amounts of data and will allow custom feature engineering to run custom models. We will also make application programming interfaces (APIs) available for contact analytics, which were recently released and made publicly available.

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