By Douglas Orellana, Vice President of Intelligent Systems Engineering

Remember Digital Twins, virtual simulations of complex systems that let you test and find soft spots and vulnerabilities safely without interrupting real-world systems? 

ManTech has an important new twist: applying the Digital Twin concept with a DevOps approach, a proven driver of rapid-fire collaborative system development. We call this amazing revolution “TwinOps.”

Welcome to the digital transformation of engineering, pairing process, methodology, tools and people to systems development. Now customers can continuously update systems and networks in real time. Among the many benefits: the ability to apply every form of advanced analytics. Like predictive analytics powered by machine learning. At speed.


Think of TwinOps as a culture shift that puts you in the forefront of 21st century Intelligent Systems Engineering.

The numbers tell the story. TwinOps slashes testing time by more than 30 percent, reduces headcount requirements and boosts the pace of system updates, integration, and testing – even on the largest, most sophisticated platforms. Like yours.

Fed up with laborious, siloed domains that work in slow time and leave you prey to opponents?

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