VEMOS - Saving Service Members' Lives

For the last 15 years, ManTech has supported the U.S. military’s Vehicle Engineering Maintenance and Operations (VEMOS) program.

Core to this work is ManTech’s support of the military’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles and its Route Clearance Vehicles (RCVs), in addition to other counter-mine, counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) systems.

This work is important because the program helps saves the lives of soldiers, sailors, and airmen worldwide who depend on reliable and safe route-clearance vehicles.

At its height there were 26,000 MRAP variants working out in the field. Currently there’s a little under 6,000. Many of the vehicles have been sold; others have been decommissioned.

ManTech’s field service team members sustain and maintain units, conduct battle damage assessments and repair vehicles.


ManTech also trains soldiers in the use of new equipment and in-field maintenance. This training ensures U.S. service members can perform operator and unit-level maintenance.

Since ManTech’s support began in 2003, our instructors have provided MRAP Operator and Field Level Maintenance (OPNET and FLMNET) training to more than 14,000 personnel drawn from the U.S. military, our allies and government contractors.

Today, ManTech teams service MRAPs, RCVs and counter-mine systems in more than 70 locations worldwide.

End-to-End Maintenance Support

ManTech’s team of maintenance technicians, wheeled vehicle mechanics and certified welders has the technical skill, knowledge and experience with each system to perform all necessary inspections, maintenance and repairs.

We facilitate receipt of installation kits, inventories of spare parts, documents accountability and perform final equipment hand-offs. Our team accomplishes all repairs within military and commercial standards as outlined in government-approved Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance and Quality Control checklists and ManTech’s established Certified Welding Program standard.

Inventory and Procurement

Proper inventory and supply chain management is fundamental to vehicle repair. ManTech understands the need to deliver equipment “to the right place and at the right time” to ensure mission success.

LogMASTRE®, ManTech’s – proven maintenance, logistics and supply database – captures work orders, parts consumption, transportation, fleet status and configuration.

It provides a management tool and dashboard for program management and government leadership that includes:

  • Requisition tracking of government property procured and transferred
  • Asset inventory of theater and regional authorized stock list (ASL), with date stamping

Our longstanding history of successful supply chain management means today we have relationships with a large number of vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and secondary supply sources. Our supply chain management structure allows us to continuously meet or exceed operational availability requirements of our VEMOS customers.

Armor Welding Capability

ManTech certified welders and welding inspectors helped develop the current welding MRAP standards. Our welding engineers work closely with the government, developing specific structural repair guidance to OEM Technical Bulletins when the repair process is uncertain due to battle damage.


To learn more, please contact:

Rob Gordon

Executive Director of Logistics and Sustainment Operations

Email: R[email protected]