An Interview with ManTech Military Veteran Alex


Job title/Description: ARTEMIS Project Manager

Military Branch: U.S. Marine Corps

Years of Service: 26 years

Military Occupation: Infantry (Rifleman, Scout Sniper, Unit Leader, & Weapons Officer/Gunner)

What did you choose ManTech?

I chose ManTech mainly for three reasons: (1) recommendations from current ManTech employees (both are USMC veterans); (2) ManTech's reputation in the government contracting industry; and (3) the opportunities that ManTech provides, including fair compensation, educational reimbursement, and in-house training programs.

What is one thing about ManTech that you would like to tell other veterans?

I'd like to tell other veterans that when ManTech says "team," they mean it. The relationship between active duty, government, and ManTech employees is genuine and positive. This relationship allows for a cohesive team that is united in accomplishing all tasks assigned.