Data Analytics and AI - Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

Every mission with a data management component by definition includes analytics, the driver of actionable intelligence.

With data volumes expanding exponentially, however, traditional methods used to curate data – including storage, retrieval and analysis – are not meeting expectations. Thus, successful data management grows more complex and challenging by the moment.


With the advent of the internet, increased use of mobile devices, social media and the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of data coming into organizations has exploded.

To manage these volumes of data, organizations are moving from traditional manual data curation to digital disruptive transformation. At the forefront of this disruption are innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its subset Machine Learning, and Deep learning.

The popular dialogue these days ranges from concerns like, “How can we predict the next threat?” to “How can we predict the next wave of fake news?”

Today’s challenges for agencies are how best to integrate and interpret the volumes of data – ingest it into a system (a data warehouse or data lake) and then distill it into reports that yield practical insights.

At ManTech, we specialize in separating the signal from the noise – and translating the most important pieces into actionable insights.

Big Data

One of the greatest challenges presented by big data is to establish an integrated infrastructure that connects large data volumes including structured and unstructured data from various sources from which information can be extracted and presented.

ManTech takes a structured approach to developing systems to properly use and interpret big data.

Our systems comprise robust ingest engines and data lakes, fault-tolerant databases for structured and unstructured data, state-of-the-art data streaming technology for ingesting and integrating data programming models for processing large data sets, query engines with instrumentation to support robust hunt missions, and analytics that score and comb output for high-value intelligence.

As artificial intelligence (AI) takes the IT world by storm, ManTech is well-positioned to support our customers’ needs. We augment the speed and depth of analytics by leveraging artificial intelligence, including its subsets of machine learning and deep learning to process descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as offer insights into neural networks to identify and categorize facial, voice and image recognition.

The Human Element

Cutting-edge analytical tools alone are insufficient to solve organizations’ most complex data challenges, however. The right analytics technology is just the first step – you still need subject matter experts to both drive your solutions and interpret the data.

Without experienced subject matter experts on hand to drive your solutions and teach your team the nuances of the latest technology, you’re not going to be able to solve your analytics problems and challenges.


ManTech is committed to achieving next-generation big data systems that deliver usable context. Our experts specialize in full-spectrum solutions that integrate data analytics and provide a holistic approach to our customers’ data curation challenges.

We’re working closely with federal customers to develop their big data strategy, combining traditional analysis, ingestion and integration, reporting and visualization capabilities as well as automated Artificial Intelligence.

These insights give us the ability to help our customers with their reporting and visualization needs, advance their AI capabilities to detect threats and predict future actions.

The ability to process and analyze structured and unstructured data results in a seamless transformation to a next-generation big data infrastructure capable of delivering results across our customers’ enterprise.

ManTech’s work in data analytics is another example of how we are Bringing Digital to the MissionTM. Whether we are working for our customers in the Intelligence Community, the Defense Department, or a federal civilian agency, our experienced engineers can easily map our work to agency needs – from traditional data analysis to AI-informed prediction and deep learning.


  • Big Data
  • Integration and Ingestion
  • ETL and Streaming
  • Predictive Modeling and Predictive Analysis
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
  • Visualization
  • Block Chain
  • Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning and Deep Learning