In reflecting on my summer internship at ManTech, I would first like to express my deep appreciation to ManTech for hiring me.

I spent the first six weeks of summer studying abroad and was expecting to spend the rest of my summer lifeguarding, as I have done for the past five years.

 Instead, ManTech graciously agreed to work with my schedule, letting me work for just a few days before I went to Italy for my college program, and then to continue working in the Enterprise Marketing and Communications department (“MarCom”) for another month when I returned. Not many companies would be so willing to accommodate this limited availability, so I am extremely grateful for ManTech’s flexibility. 

Intern Morgan

During my time at ManTech, I gained invaluable experience and exposure in several vital areas of interest to my studies as I pursue marketing and English degrees at Penn State.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of writing and editing my job in MarCom entailed. One of my first assignments was to edit the company newsletter, and throughout the summer I continued editing and writing articles, updating policy memos, and creating various corporate campaigns.

Gone are the days when interns merely made photocopies and fetched coffee. Each of these assignments taught me more about the culture of a company like ManTech, as well as the processes and procedures behind internal communications.

Working in MarCom gave me a wide range of experiences, as I was involved in every aspect of marketing at ManTech. I remember feeling a little intimidated when I was assigned a large project, such as writing an article or designing a new advertising campaign. However, the guidance of my supervisor and the support of other employees gave me the confidence and resources to complete the heavier tasks. I began to look forward to new and larger projects, and I am thankful ManTech challenged me with those greater responsibilities.

The internship gave me a front row seat to the vast world of corporate communications, both internal and external. Even though marketing and communications often go hand-in-hand, Penn State separates the communications major into its own college. Since communications is not a part of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, I most likely will not be able to take many, if any, communications courses during my last two years in school.

Therefore, I am glad I was able to gain real-world knowledge and experience in this area, which I know I will use in my future career – the details of which have yet to be solidified. But for all of you recruiters out there, know that I gained experience in preparing events, analyzing and updating social media and creating company-wide communications -- among a plethora of other projects.

From day one, ManTech set an expectation that I would gain tangible value from my internship. The company did not disappoint. My colleagues would willingly take time out of their busy days to explain and guide me through the mosaic of procedures needed to complete the array of tasks.

I felt like part of the staff during meetings – not like an interloper there only for a few weeks or months. I felt welcomed and was included in discussions and planning. My opinion mattered, and no one hesitated to help if I had questions about an assignment. My supervisor communicated with me regularly to ensure I was enjoying my assigned projects. While I was eager to perform, her extra concern made me feel like a valued member of the team.

If there is one key takeaway from my time at ManTech, it is that this is a company that truly treats everyone like family. That phrase might sound like a cliché, but within ManTech it stands true -- there is an innate sense of community across the entire company.

I can list the many specific ways that ManTech gives back to its employees – from free educational programs to substantial employee referral bonuses, the emergency relief fund, tailored career and development efforts and many more; however, these company benefits are not what make ManTech feel like a home. The sincerity each employee shows to one another daily demonstrates that ManTech is the type of place where people enjoy coming to work. From my first day to my last, every person I met and each encounter I had was overwhelmingly welcoming and genuine.

ManTech employees are hard-working and dedicated, but their passion for their work also creates a positive atmosphere throughout the company. Even during high-stress periods, ManTech employees are able to maintain an upbeat energy in the office, while staying focused on the tasks at hand.

I appreciate the numerous opportunities and connections ManTech provided. I have met some incredibly intelligent people and gained invaluable knowledge. I know I will use these experiences as I embark on my career and I already feel much more equipped and less apprehensive about my future.

I was fully prepared to spend my days fetching coffee, staple papers or carry out other trivial tasks during my time at work; I was not expecting this internship to be so tailored to my personal growth and learning.

I could not have chosen a better company for my first internship, and I am excited to say that my work with ManTech will not quite come to an end after this summer, as ManTech has given me the opportunity to continue working part-time while I am back at school.

Once again, I am humbled by ManTech’s adaptability and continuous support. I will miss being surrounded by the ManTech family, but I am glad I will be able to continue to help its MarCom team from a few states away.


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